Repurpose: Mattress Covers 

My dogs, aka “The Twins”, currently attend doggy daycare. Yes, there is such thing as doggy day care.  And yes, my dogs attend. It’s a great way for them to socialize with other dogs and people, especially since we don’t live near a dog park.  

Pensacola Pet Resort is the best! The girls get socialization, walks, and playtime with other dogs. The staff is super nice and knowledgeable. I could go on and on but I digress. The last time I was there, they had a notice requesting old blankets, towels and/or comforters. I knew I had old towels but I’ve already repurposed those for rainy days at home. In my efforts to clean up, I found a couple mattress covers. I thought these would be a great donation for them.

The first one is waterproof and has a plastic liner. I cut off the section that secures liner to the mattress. I think I might be able to use that part for lining in my tissue covers.

The second one is the padded mattress cover. I’m cutting away the section that secures the cover to the mattress. If I wasn’t donating it, this would make great padding for one of my many quilting projects.


Since it’s already shirred with elastic, I can see it dyed for a cute top to a sundress.

What do you think? Let me know.

Happy Repurposing!



Christmas Bandana

I found this beautiful holiday remnant and made bandanas for the twins. It took me longer to get them still for the pic.