Pin Cushion Bracelet

Have you ever been at the cutting table or ironing board, ready to pin only to look at your pincushion on the other side of the room? Huge sigh. I sigh in frustration too often. I’m at the sewing machine and pincushion is on the ironing board. And vice versa. Well not after today. I will longer sigh in frustration. Today, I made my first pincushion bracelet.


I don’t know what I’m more happy about: this cute pincushion or not having to stop what I’m doing to go get a pin. I think both.


I used this Wrist Pincushion pattern, leftover fabric from a dress, a few stitches, velcro and some glue. I couldn’t be more pleased. Will probably make a few more. But for now, I’m ready.

Happy Sewing!



Creative Clipboard

Greetings All,

Have you ever needed something and didn’t want to shop for it? Well, I needed a clipboard for my sign-in sheets at work. And I needed it right away. I could have easily picked up one from the local dollar store. But that would mean I would have to leave the office. With a full day of advising appointments, that was not an option. Enter creativity.


I had a used legal pad. I could have just placed the magnetic clip here and called it finished. But that would be too easy. And this was too plain.


I found a folder with pockets, cut it in half and removed the pocket. With a few staples to secure it to the cardboard, I had a ready made clipboard.


The final touch was using a strand from and old t-shirt to secure the pen to the magnetic clip. And yes, I had on hand cut strips from an old t-shirt from another project. I wouldn’t be my creativity self if I didn’t. ((wink))

It was quick. It’s very useful and happens to be quite cute. Let me know what you think.