I’ll Take A Window Seat



When I fly, I try to get a window seat. I think flying is such an amazing event. I don’t know if it’s the science, the physics, or the speed. But each flight gets more and more amazing. Just look at this view from 37,000 feet.



And this…taken over the Atlantic en route to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    image wpid-20150910_100524.jpg          wpid-20150910_100506.jpg


Watching the sunset on my return from San Juan.




There is something to be said about being 30,000 feet in the air. There is no way to replace this view.


I actually have a couple videos of lightning. Yeah, lightning. Now that was amazing and scary and beautiful all at once. That alone deserves it own blog. Especially since I used to be (still am) terrified of lightning. Once I figure out how to shorten it for upload, I’ll share that experience.

Until the next upgrade, take care and enjoy your journey.



She Pulled The String


My cousin purchased this embroidered vintage dress from Zara’s. She wore it once and pulled a string. Why did she pull the string? This was the result:


So while on our vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she asked me if I could fix it. She knows me so well. And of course I brought my sewing kit.  And yes, I fixed it.


She was so happy. I am excited to see her wear it. Will post updated pictures.

Thanks for viewing this upgrade. Until the next, remember to enjoy your journey.


Today: Our 7th Anniversary


This weekend we celebrated our seven year anniversary. We traveled to Destin, FL for a sunset cruise. Hubby had no idea what was in store. My plan was to sew coordinating attire. Needless to say, my intentions were sincere, but the shirt for hubby and dress for me did not get completed. Maybe next time.

The goal was to do something different, enjoy time spent together while taking advantage of life on the Gulf Coast. We had an amazing time. Below are a few of our pictures.




Dinner is served. I had Gulf shrimp and grits. Hubby had seared beef. Deelish!



We spent some time on the upper deck.


Dinner is not complete without dessert.


This was an amazing night. Food and music was good.  The Solaris staff and crew were great. Hubby was impressed. So impressed that we are talked about inviting a few friends next time. If you are in the Destin, FL area, be sure to check out SunQuest cruises.

Traveling The States

States and Capitals
States and Capitals

I remember while living with my aunt she had us memorize all the states and capitals. It was cool to say “Providence“, “Montpelier“, “Pierre“, and “Bismarck“. I found it interesting that Augusta was the capital of Maine. Especially since another Aunt lived in Augusta, GA. Now that I’m older, I remember most if not all of the states and capitals. Now the amazing thing would be to travel to these great cities. I can imagine shopping in thrift stores or searching for fabric markets. Being a veteran, I’ve always found it interesting that I’ve seen more of other countries than I have of my own. Here’s my map of states that I’ve traveled to or through. I’ve only been to about six state capitals.

States I have visited.

I think it’s time to revisit some and tour others. Maybe I could even meet up with the many sewists and designers that I’ve connected with online. Hmmm! Where would you travel? Here’s the link to map the states you’ve been to http://m.maploco.com/visited-states/.

Let the travel begin!