Pin Cushion Bracelet

Have you ever been at the cutting table or ironing board, ready to pin only to look at your pincushion on the other side of the room? Huge sigh. I sigh in frustration too often. I’m at the sewing machine and pincushion is on the ironing board. And vice versa. Well not after today. I will longer sigh in frustration. Today, I made my first pincushion bracelet.


I don’t know what I’m more happy about: this cute pincushion or not having to stop what I’m doing to go get a pin. I think both.


I used this Wrist Pincushion pattern, leftover fabric from a dress, a few stitches, velcro and some glue. I couldn’t be more pleased. Will probably make a few more. But for now, I’m ready.

Happy Sewing!



Christmas Bandana

I found this beautiful holiday remnant and made bandanas for the twins. It took me longer to get them still for the pic. 

Prayer/Altar Cloths (Covers)

In support of the 4th annual Back to School Youth Explosion, I was able to create prayer cloths. Prayer cloths are used to cover individuals when they come to the altar.

PJA is Patrick J. Austin Ministries, which is a 501 (c)(3) certified outreach and evangelistic ministry. Use this link for more information on this ministry and the summer event. For inspiration and encouragement, be sure to connect on Facebook and/or Twitter.

For prayer requests, speaking or singing engagements, email

Blessings to all,


Support for the Wahoos

Just wanted to show some support for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. I completed with out the hoop. I now have a small hoop which will make this process easier.

Embroidery – name only.



Threads: Getting Organized

I found myself having to search one container for thread and another for the matching bobbin. Well not any more.


With about 8-9 inches of ribbon or cording, I am now able to attach my bobbin to the thread. Next organizing project is to sort and store thread by color.

Let me know what you think and share your organizing tips and ideas.


Pinocchio: Saving A Tradition


“Erica, do you think you can fix Pinocchio?”

My co-worker came to me asking to fix her childhood stuffed animal. She explained that her toddler twins were playing with him and this was the end result. She also shared that this stuffed animal had been in her family for several decades. It was first her brother’s then hers. She was hopeful that it could be restored.


Here’s Pinocchio! It was a quick straight stitch to restore his leg. I was told her twins were ecstatic upon his return. Now his story will continue to entertain and amuse them and hopefully their children too. I was all too happy help keep Pinocchio a family tradition.

My Boa Scarf with a Twist

One of my goals for this year is to prep my things the night before. That was so easy when I was in the Navy.  Uniform pressed. Boots shined. Lunch ready. But now, I wake up and wish I had prepared my things the night before. Wednesday morning was no different. I woke up with an idea of what I would wear. That changed every time I chosen an item that would need ironing. I am not a fan of ironing. I’ll do it for professional sake, but with much reluctance. Here’s what I decided on: light-weight knit dress, blue – my favorite color.


I grabbed the scarf to add a bit of contrast. I didn’t want to do the basic loop, drape, or infinity look. While just playing around in the mirror, this was created.


I used the tuck and roll method. Found out later today it’s called “The Boa”. I’m sure if I look hard enough, it’s a different name somewhere else. Mine is a tad bit different because I allowed enough on the ends to tie it. This YouTube video shows several ways to wear a scarf. “The Boa” tutorial starts at 2:20.


I was happy I got this look on the first try.


I’m sure I’ll be wearing this look more often.