About Me

Hello! I am Erica. Married. Navy Veteran. Social Worker. Sewing Specialist (a term I generated), and Crafter. I began learning the world of machine embroidering the summer of 2014. Because of all the ways I dibble and dabble with fabric, I think Fabric Transformation Specialist suits me best.

You will find that I love life and I love being creative. Royal Threads was birthed out of that very creative spirit. I was toiling with the decision to stay active duty Navy or separate.  I really wanted to teach and was pursuing that goal. A hiring freeze caused a shift and I ended up in graduate school for social work. Suddenly the thought that I could sew or do alterations for others came to mind. I never considered it before. Thought it to be nothing more than a hobby or the family trait. See, my mom could sew. Her mom could sew. My aunt -mom’s sister – could sew.  She taught her daughter how to sew. And after my mom passed, it was that aunt who taught me how to sew. That was over 20+ years ago. Since then, I have always been fascinated with how things come together as well as the fact that sewing gives you the freedom to be as creative as you want.  The fact that it’s an inexpensive way to expand your wardrobe doesn’t hurt either.

Follow my journey as I use some of my everyday experiences and reflections to create something new, refashion something old, craft something needed or use a combination of all three. I call this upgrading your closet, home or office. I hope to capture and share moments in my life which inspire me to live, sew and in return share my gift with others. Here you will find some of the creative things I have made and those who enjoyed them.

Be sure to subscribe to stay updated on projects and events. For services, email me at royalthreads@live.com.

Until the next upgrade, remember to enjoy your journey.


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